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Visit Lawnmower Sales & Service for a demonstration of the New Scag V-Ride II's, NOW IN STOCK.  They are re-engineered and better than ever! EASY to operate, READY to conquer any terrain, BUILT to last.  The V-RIDE II is a compact, agile, comfortable, and stable stand-on mowing machine.  Speed and comfort of a rider is combined with the convenience of a walk behind. 

  See for yourself with a powerful Kawasaki FX, Kawasaki FS commercial grade engine with a 36" Advantage or 48", 52", or 61" Velocity Plus deck.  Quality construction and unmatched performance.  Come in to Lawnmower Sales & Serivce for a demonstration and see for yourself.  VRIDE PIC5


*Available in several model configurations to fit a wide range of professional lawn maintenance needs.  Compact size allows more units to fit on a single trailer. 

*UP TO 10.5 MPH forward speeds on the 48", 52" and 61" models, and up to 5 MPH reverse speeds keep productivity at a max. (Up to 8.5 MPH foward on a 36" model).

*36" ADVANTAGE or 48", 52" or 61" VELOCITY PLUS Cutter Deck deliver an immaculate quality-of-cut (three-year limited warranty on cutter decks).

*Spacious operator platform with coil suspension delivers a smooth ride and reduces operator fatigue. 

*Wide operator platform is made from heavy gauge steel with extruded star pattern for no-slip footing.  Platform is wide and unobstructed. 

*Kawasaki FX series engines are commerical-grade and feature canister air filters, and twin barrel carburetors. Kawasaki FS engines feature dual element air filters and single barrel carburetors.

*SCAG tough main frame construction delivers solid strength and ensures years of trouble-free service.  The main frame was designed for strength and longetivity.

*Ogura GT 3.5 (61" V-Ride) or GT 2.5 (36", 48", 52" V-Ride) PTO clutch brake engages and stops the cutter blades smoothly and safely.  Adjustable air gap ensures long component life.

*Convenient full-featured instrument panel has Tiger Eye: Advanced On-Board Monitoring System, ignition key, PTO switch, throttle and choke. The fuel gauge is located on top of the fuel tank, right next to the instrument panel for easy viewing.

*Extra LARGE Operator Comfort Cushion for comforable operation. Cushion is removable without tool for easy access to hydraulic and engine compartment.

*Large diameter, padded steering control levers are comfortable and easy on your hands. The hand force required to control the V-Ride II is minimal and the lever action is extremely smooth.

*Heavy-duty blade drive spindles provide reliable performance season after season. The SCAG spindle is more than tough enough to handle the high horsepower and torque requirements of this mower. Three-year limited warranty on the spindles.

*Dual 12cc hydraulic pumps and dual 14ci cast iron, high-torque wheel motors provide smooth, positive and reliable power to the drive wheels (48", 52", and 61").  10cc hydraulic pump and 12ci wheel motors (36"). Pressure relief values in the pumps protect the system from internal spikes and add to pump life.

*8 gallon (48", 52", and 61") or 6.75 gallon (36") fuel tank keeps you in the field cutting grass! Fuel tank features a fuel level gauge and an extra large, angled filler neck for easy filling.

*Interlocked parking break prevents the mower from being driven with the brake on --- stopping premature brake wear.



SVRII-36A-15FS:   36" Advantage Cutter Deck, 15hp Kawasaki 541FS air-cooled, recoil start engine

SRVII-36A-19FX:   36" Advantage Cutter Deck, 19hp Kawasaki 600FX air-cooled, electric start engine

SVRII-48V-22FX:   48" Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, 22hp Kawasaki 691FX air-cooled, electric start engine

SVRII-52V-23FX:   52" Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, 23hp Kawasaki 730FX air-cooled, electric start engine

SVRII-61V-25FX:   61" Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, 25hp Kawasaki 801FX air-cooled, electric start engine



 Monday through Friday

NOW Winter Hours until Daylight Savings Time Begins in the Spring

8:00 am - 4:00 pm
 Lawnmower Sales & Service
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 West Melbourne, FL 32904
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Experienced in the commercial lawn equipment business since 1972!

~ Kenny Thompson, Owner




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Lawnmower Sales & Service

58 SW Irwin Avenue, West Melbourne FL  32904
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